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Slade for Alderman 2019

July 19, 2019

Dear Carrboro,

We are in a climate emergency!!

Earlier this week I went to the Orange County Board of Elections to file for re-election!

Since first getting elected there have been many issues that I have supported, and that I will continue to support if I am re-elected. To name a few: local living economy, affordable housing, stormwater utility, race equity, police accountability, food policy, downtown accessibility, and developing our climate plans.

All of these have had more traction then climate mitigation action has ever had … that is until now … it is harder to deny the climate emergency that we find ourselves in. It is past due time to implement our climate plans fast, within the narrowing window of time the scientists are telling us that we have!

We need to be ‘shovel ready’ for when the presidency and senate flip; for when sanity prevails and the necessary resources are made available (analogous to when the economy was transformed during WW II) to stop greenhouse gas emissions in time before we reach the point of no return! … if they don’t flip, it is upon us to do it on our own!

With your backing and support, if I get re-elected I will continue the work that I have begun: In the coming year it is critical for us to create a 10 year climate emergency budget plan. The plan will be broken down per annual budget cycle, so that we can do our necessary part locally to meet our climate change mitigation goals.

For our children, our fellow human beings and all other beings let’s take action now!

Early voting, in 2019, begins on October 16. Election Day is on November 5th.

Please follow this link to support the Slade for Alderman Campaign!

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